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5 Lifelong Skills You’ll Learn From Working in a Call Centre

The call centre has evolved significantly in recent years. Call centres are continuing to do so with the most sophisticated technology and infrastructure being utilised. Yet despite this, agents at the top of their game with human interaction playing a huge role in the customer experience. Agents need a particular set of skills in order to deal effectively and efficiently with the customer care queries encountered on a daily basis. While these necessary skills may be developed within the call centre environment, they will also stand to you outside of the office.

Here are 5 lifelong skills you’ll learn from working in a call centre:

Communication –

Call agents need to find a balance when communicating with customers. This is between having a professional manner, giving thorough answers, and still being conversational and friendly. Agents need to remember that customers do need that human touch and small talk. It is always appreciated to make the customer feel comfortable. Yet, they need to remember that customers value their time and so communication should be concise. Developing these to a high level within a call centre will benefit all agents. Communication skills are vital throughout all stages of life.

Patience –

When customers contact a call centre, they usually have a query or an issue that needs fixing. It is not unlikely for them to be discontent at some level. Call centre agents need to have patience in these circumstances. Let the customer explain the issue in full, never reacting negatively to an unhappy customer. If the solution to the problem is technical, which is true for many cases, call agents need to remember that the customer may not possess the technical knowledge needed to understand in full and so must ensure to remain calm and patient while providing an explanation. Being able to keep calm under pressure is something that not everyone can perfect. However, after working in a call centre this is a skill that will last with you.

Organisation –

Call centre agents have a variety of responsibilities. They undertake (all at once) phone answering, note taking, and updating the CRM system. This is all done while trying to answer the customer’s query. As a result of this multitasking, exceptional organisational skills are necessary to reduce errors during the provision of customer care. While one may enter the call centre environment with what they believe to be good organisational skills, they are sure to develop these greatly and leave with exceptional organisational skills.

Initiative –

Part of working in a call centre involves using ones initiative on a daily basis. Dealing with multiple customers everyday means encountering an array of different customer issues, some of which you might not have dealt with before. As a result, call centre agents need to be able to think outside the box and use their initiative to find a solution to the customers problem, building their level of responsibility. Using ones initiative to problem solve is an everyday part of life that agents will have a better grasp of from their experience within a call centre.


Call centre agents need to have a level of adaptability to them. They may have a friendly, understanding customer one minute, and an annoyed customer with little patience the next. Their environment changes with each call they receive and they need to be able to adjust and make changes in response to this. Flexibility is key for call centre agents and this is something that will benefit them for the rest of their days.

All of these are a good set of transferrable skills to have that will stand to you for the rest of your working days. If you are looking for a new career opportunity, check out our online careers page or get in contact with us today to see how we can help you elevate your career today!

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