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9 sample customer journey maps – and what we can learn from them

This article on ‘9 sample customer journey maps – and what we can learn from them’, was originally posted by on mycustomer.com. MyCustomer.com provides guidance on engaging and serving customers across their entire journey – from path to purchase and beyond.


9 sample customer journey maps – and what we can learn from them

In essence, a customer journey map is really quite a simple concept: an illustration that details all of the touchpoints at your organisation that a customer comes into contact with as he/she attempt to achieve a goal, and the emotions they experience during that journey.

But the process of building the map is not so simple.

The mapping process demands rigorous research and a meticulous understanding of the customer. If the map is to be truly reflective of what the customer experiences at a human level, corners cannot be cut.

To complicate matters, no two maps will be exactly the same, with the design varying according to the business, product, service and customer being mapped out.

Having said that, there are best practices that organisations should adhere to during the mapping process, and these represent useful pointers for those that are creating a map for the first time.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some sample customer journey maps and examine what we can learn from them and apply to our own mapping efforts.

1. Make sure you have done your research

The data that will be used to inform that map should not be based on guesswork.

Organisations should firstly identify their best customers (or the customers that they would like to attract), and make sure they thoroughly understand them, building a buyer persona for these customers, and any other customer group that is important to the business.

To aid this process, it is best practice to interview these customer groups about their journeys to ensure that you understand their motivations, goals, purchasing habits and pain points.

Businesses shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming they know what customers want.

This map from Heart of the Customer demonstrates how the buyer persona informs the entire map, ultimately concluding how successfully this particular demographic’s journey has been.


The article goes on to include: 

  • Defining behavioural stages from the customers perspective.
  • Capture your customer’s considerations
  • Detail every touchpoint
  • Detail customer pain points
  • Chart changing customer emotions
  • Consider what other detail can be added to the map
  • Outline opportunities for improvements

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