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The Advantages of Using an After Hours Call Service

The idea of standard business hours has become a thing of the past especially for customer oriented companies. Having an after hours call service can be an invaluable advantage for your business especially for those companies who may not have the internal resources available to provide their customers with round the clock support.

It has become the norm for customers to expect your business to provide support services at all times. An after hours answering service can offer your business the ability to provide a high level of customer service across numerous channels such as email, SMS, social media and more.

Below are some of the advantages businesses experience by using an outsourced after hours call service:

  • High level of customer satisfaction 

    • Being able to support your customers with any query and provide them with a solution goes a long way. When it comes to ensuring a high level of customer service and satisfaction. This is especially true for those customers who may not have the opportunity to contact you during business hours. This is due to working themselves or for those who prefer to research at night. After hours support services ensures that they are accommodated at all times.
  • Boosts reputation 

    • 24 hour call support can have a positive impact on your overall business reputation. By ensuring customers receive a high quality customer service experience whenever they may get in touch increases the possibility of referrals. Through work of mouth and recommendation.
  • Seamless communication 

    • Clear and open communication are provided by call agents across multiple support channels. Be it email, SMS or social media your customers will able to get touch with a customer support call agent. Also, have their problems solved when they are on the go or while sitting comfortably at home.
  • Greater peace of mind 

    • After hours call service ensures that your customer service will continue operating even when your in-house staff has gone home. With this guarantee, you can relax in the knowledge that your customers will continue to be provided with the support that they deserve.

Call Pageboy Contact Centre is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited call centre based in Dublin. Our call agents are trained in providing around the clock support. Also, believe in the importance of providing a level of familiarity when representing your business and brand. For those interested in availing of our after hours service, we invite you to meet the agents who will be working for you and see the service in a live working environment. If you are interested in joining us for a site visit, contact us here.

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