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Advantages of Using an Overflow Service

Managing customer calls can be overwhelming for your in-house staff especially when call volumes rise. Be it due to a lack of in-house resources or due to a busy seasonal period, outsourcing your overflow service to a third party call centre can offer huge benefits for your company.

An overflow service is easy to set up and offers your business around the clock customer support and help desk services. Whether for operational or strategic reasons, outsourcing your overflow calls ensures that your customers are never kept waiting. This is especially important in a competitive business environment. Being there for your customers even when your in-house staff cannot, will ultimately boost overall customer loyalty and company profit.


Benefits of an Overflow Service

Improves call quality 

Providing your customers with an uninterrupted level of customer service. During peak hours reduces call waiting times and customer frustration levels. Trained call centre agents handle overflow calls. During your busy and after hours periods leading to an increased level of service and call quality for your customers.

Ensures business continuity and successful disaster recovery 

In the event of company downtime either due to bad weather, power outages or unreliable computer infrastructure having an overflow service contract. With a call centre ensures that your business continues to provide a high level of customer service at all times. Call centre agents will have access to your customer database and CRM system enabling them to track customer calls and queries until your company is back up and running.

Reduces call abandonment rate 

As a customer, you can be frustrated when you are put on hold. When getting in touch with customer support. It is inevitable that during peak hours it may not be possible to adequately answer all calls to a standard. That your business would like to provide, especially if call volumes are large. A frustrated customer can often lead to a lost customer. If you hire an overflow service, your customers will never be left waiting. Leading to a reduced call abandonment rate.

Improves customer satisfaction levels

Outsourcing your overflow service provides your in-house staff with more time resources. To provide a higher quality of customer service during busy periods. Without the stress of handling large volumes of calls, your in-house staff will be able to focus on and address your customers’ needs. When your customers consistently receive a positive customer experience on every interaction with your business, it ultimately leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.


At Call Pageboy Call Centre, our overflow service ensures that your customers are always kept happy.  Your emails and calls will always be answered 24/7/365 because our trained call agents are always on call. If you are interested in learning more about our overflow service or the range of customer support services that we offer, contact us here.

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