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AI Increasing Role In Customer Service

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AI Increasing Role In Customer Service

Customer experience should always be a top focus for any business. Keeping existing customers happy gives businesses a much better return than having to constantly find new customers. Continual advancements in technology are giving companies additional tools and resources to transform customer service interactions, providing better response times and increased quality of interaction. Increasingly, artificial intelligence is helping companies improve customer service, improve customer loyalty and brand reputation, and enable employees to focus on higher value tasks that provide greater returns. As AI is increasingly adopted, the potential impacts to customer service are announcing themselves in surprisingly useful ways.

Improved Customer Satisfaction with AI

The use of bots as customer service agents capable of handling many tasks is revolutionising the relationships between companies and their clients. From handling various tasks, troubleshooting, or interacting with potential customers, companies are finding much value from AI powered bots. AI powered chatbots are capable of helping a large number of customers 24/7 without the need for an actual human employee. Because of this, AI-enabled chatbots are increasingly being used as the front-line of customer engagement. Using chatbots as a first interaction can help identify consumer needs in a way that can easily identify more complex problems and ensure that the correct people are looking at them.

AI powered bots can proactively start conversations with customers, provide relevant information and help with each touch point throughout the entire customer lifecycle. This allows customers to get the answers that they need, when they want it, without having to wait on hold for an employee to become available, which can drastically improve time to resolution and customer satisfaction….

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  • Customising the User Experience
  • Privacy Concerns

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