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How a Call Centre Benefits the Security and Alarm System Industry

When it comes to companies that operate within the security and alarm system industry, it is vital that they provide customers with support at all times. Due to the nature of the industry, issues can arise at any stage, day or night, and so having customer support at the end of a line is necessary. Call Pageboy offer technical phone support 24/7/365. We are committed to providing your customers with excellent service and technical support at all times through our local customer service teams and technical department. Our customer service teams assist your customers by responding to queries to ensure that any issues are promptly resolved, and our technical helpdesk assists customers with technical problems by troubleshooting issues. In addition, we have a dedicated service team to ensure swift response to alarms. We will contact nominated key holders or the emergency services as appropriate to ensure any issues are fully resolved.

For over 40 years we have been providing security and alarm system companies with our call centre services. A call centre can offer numerous benefits to these providers in order to build upon existing customer experience and service provision:

  • Improved 24hr Customer Service Due to the nature of the security and alarm system industry, customers can encounter issues at any time of the day. Whether they are experiencing a technical problem with a malfunctioning alarm or need to change the key holders contact details, 24-hour help desk support ensures that your customers queries are answered whenever they may call.
  • Flexibility In-house staff can often be left at the mercy of periods of low or high call volumes which may often cause them to feel either idle or overwhelmed. Utilising a call centre, particularly an overflow service ensures that call abandonment is not an issue during and between peak hours. Due to the number of staff resources available to Call Pageboy, we have the capacity to quickly manage spikes in call volumes without the long waiting times. This provides greater flexibility to companies with the opportunity to effectively manage their internal staff without sacrificing customer satisfaction levels.
  • Reduced Costs Call Pageboy provides companies with the ability to significantly reduce their operating costs when it comes to call and administrative management. By outsourcing your security and alarm system customer service helpdesk, you are reducing the costs associated with internal staff training and infrastructure needs. Therefore, it allows your company to turn a fixed cost into a variable one; skilled labour is available to you but only when you need it most.
  • Access to the latest technology – Our call centre operates using the latest technology and software ensuring that your customers receive the highest level of customer service and support. Our technology allows us to provide the industry with multi-channel support including telephone answering, email, social media, SMS text and more. This means that your customers will be supported on all channels at all times.
  • Disaster Recovery All companies experience unforeseen periods of downtime whether it be due to an electricity outage or an issue with internal infrastructure. By outsourcing your helpdesk services to us, assures that in the event of a disaster your call management and technical support lines aren’t affected and ultimately ensure business continuity.

Call Pageboy has over 40 years’ experience supplying service to companies in the Security and Alarm industry, with a proven track record of delivering a quality and reliable service. We ensure that all call agents are expertly trained in providing your customers with a positive customer experience while handling their sensitive information in accordance with data protection laws. Our after hours and helpdesk services provide administrative relief to your in-house staff and ensures that your company continues to provide unconditional support at all times. For more information on the range of services that we offer to the security and alarm systems industry, contact us here.

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