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Chatbots Strike a Chord with Consumers

This article was originally posted on by John Alarcon on July 26th, 2017.

Consumers are finding value in chatbots – those pop-up windows on websites and Facebook messenger that offer a friendly (albeit artificial) face and a willingness to help.

Ask a chatbot (also known as a “virtual customer service agent”), “What time does your store close today?” and you should get a quick and accurate answer. But if you ask something more complex, such as “I need help setting up my home wi-fi”, more than likely you’ll stump the ‘bot. At the very least, if the chatbot is configured well, it will know to pass you off to a human or promise a return call or email asap.

Today’s chatbot experience shows the technology still has a long way to go before it replaces contact centre agents. But as with anything involving computing, expect chatbot help to get better and better as vendors of the technology refine their behind-the-scenes artificial intelligence….Read more.

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