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Chatbots – The Pros and Cons

So What are Chatbots?

A bot is a software programme written to perform generic automatic tasks. This advance in technology has improved our day to day lives in many ways. For example, Google is a written programme that allows you to easily search websites and information without needing to know the web address.

A chatbot is similar in the way it generates a basic response to queries, it’s designed to have a conversation with people.

Pros of Chatbots

Rapid Response

One of the main advantages of chatbots is the rapid customer response and is why so many top companies use them. Such as Sephora, Duolingo, Domino’s, and many more.

In an age where digital advancements have empowered users to expect instant gratification and responses from brands. According to new research published on HubSpot, 82% of consumers look for an immediate response from brands on marketing or sales questions. And this group rates immediate response as important or very important from the businesses with which they deal.

This in turn leads to Customer Satisfaction and loyalty. 

Reduced Labour Costs

Instead of your customer service team spending time answering generic repetitive queries from customers, the chatbots allow them to focus on more complex queries. This reduces labour costs.

This in turn leads to increased profits for your business. 

Cons of Chatbots

Limited Responses

Although Chatbots are very effective for answering basic queries, they do have their limits. Therefore there is a possibility of users not getting the answers they need, especially for more complex queries.

Natural language

As well as limited responses, Chatbots also have limited language interpretation skills (although this is constantly improving with AI technology advancements)

Natural conversation flow and interpretation of what users are asking in terms of misspellings, conversational slang, and sarcasm are not understood by bots.

This is turn may lead to:

  • Higher capacity for misunderstanding
  • Frustration from your customers
  • No ability for compassion for upset or stressed out customers

The way to overcome these potential downfalls is to be transparent with your customers that they are talking with a chatbot and offer a live agent if they are not getting what they need.


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