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Commonly Overlooked Bad Customer Service Habits

Customer service is a dangerous thing to undervalue. As competitive advantages such as price and location are becoming less relevant, providing excellent customer service and a seamless customer experience are becoming more important.

Particularly in today’s era where one bad customer experience can spread across an online community. This tarnishes your brand identity in a matter of minutes. A company must remember the importance of every customer interaction, positive and negative, to keep the company’s image intact.

Bad customer service can cause:

  • Bad reputation
  • Loss of existing customers
  • Loss of leads
  • Employee abandonment
  • Profit decrease

Here are the most commonly overlooked bad customer service habits;

Ignoring Feedback

Most companies don’t intentionally ignore feedback. If you ask, most will say that they want to listen to the voice of their customers. But unfortunately for many reasons essential feedback is getting lost or doesn’t end up in front of the right person.

It’s hard to hear complaints or negative feedback on your products or services. However, it’s within handling these types of situations is where customer loyalty is born.

Research confirms that customers whose complaints are well-handled have been found to become even more loyal to the company than they were before they encountered a problem.

Not Being Available to Customers

Not having the ability to speak with a live agent when needed is very frustrating to customers. Having support systems in place such as; FAQs, support forums, and chatbots to answer repetitive or straight forward queries or complaints are all great tools. However not all users are the same, not all are Savvy with these tools. Making it difficult to send a query or speak to a live agent directly causes even more frustration from the user. This will only make the customer service agent’s job more difficult to handle.

Transferring Customers

The frustration of being transferred like a hot potato to different departments is something we can all relate to. Customers hate repeating themselves, it makes them feel they are not being listened to properly. Which is one of the most fundamental pillars of good customer service. Make sure the customer feels listened to. 

Not Showing Empathy

When a customer gets in contact, it’s more than likely at the point where they are already frustrated. We know that most users will try and fix or answer the problem themselves first. Especially millennials, call them the Do-It-Yourself Generation.

There is no such thing as over-communicating. Providing critical information proactively, responding to questions and concerns with high empathy, and exercise lots of patience. Make sure all employees are trained properly in empathy to create positive customer experiences that translate into customer loyalty. 


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