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Contact centres: a necessary evil or a strategic advantage?

For too long contact centres have been seen as a ‘necessary evil’ as opposed to a ‘strategic advantage’ in business. However, due to changes in technology we are finally beginning to see a shift in a change of mindset. Why? 

In a market of full employment, culture and customer service are core to a businesses brand. The need for reliable customer service in a competitive business environment is a necessity. But in my view, another element that is really driving this change is the contact centres. They have the ability to deliver value to other departments within the business.

Just think about the value it can deliver to your sales, marketing, and back office teams. This is down to the vast amounts of information we can gather about your customers. Then it’s no wonder it has been instrumental in driving better customer service. Technology has enabled us gather, not just their demographics and account data, but also their wants and needs. In addition with the growth of artificial intelligence we are able to capture conversations. Which we then transform into insights on buying behaviours. This begins with in-depth analysis of cross-channel customer interactions. Enabling us to fully understand customers’ expectations, needs and wants, and how well it is responding to them. We can deliver this through interactions across all points of contact; phone, email, chat etc.

So, how does this translate into value for your various departments?

When you consider your sales department, it provides an understanding of how best to respond to your customers. Especially when you are up-selling or cross-selling. It then lets you know exactly who and when to offer your products and services to. Your marketing department can gather valuable information about how your customers feel and gain insights on your competitors. This allows you to adjust your campaigns on the fly to achieve a greater return on your investment.

With breakthroughs in real-time decision making and enhanced technology platforms, routine processes can be automated. Your back office team can be intuitively guided to achieve the best possible outcome in even the most complex interactions. It also ensures that human interaction does not deviate away from the policies and procedures that have been integrated into your processes. In the past, information like this has been impossible to obtain and act on without expending great effort or expense, hence the reasons that contact centres have developed such a bad name. But, by having it readily available and easily accessible companies can now substantially improve performance. Both at departmental and business-wide levels.

It’s a long road, but we are getting there.

Let’s be honest though, we still have work to do . . . a huge majority of call centres operate offshore in places like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and South Africa as it provides businesses with a perceived economic advantage. Some may think that this is a good way of doing business, but in a lot of cases they are just large centres with a lot of bums on seats. Because of the locations, do they really carry out a needs analysis to assess whether or not they can support their partners with relevant solutions for the client.

In CallPageboy, we approach every customer in a similar fashion, whereby we gather information on industry experience, cultural fit, operational fit, technology fit and how we need to scale based on the opportunities we can deliver. The beauty is we never close, so 24/7 we are there for you gathering these insights to help you realise your long term strategic goals.

Our aim is stop being seen as a ‘necessary evil’ and to shift the dial so we become a strategic business partner. We can do this by becoming the conduit for valuable information for your various departments throughout your organisation.

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