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Customer Experience – Meeting Rising Expectations

This article on ‘Meeting Rising Expectations for Customer Experience’ was originally posted on the 17th of June, 2019 by REBEKAH CARTER from UC Today is leading in unified communications, collaboration & CX news and latest trends.

Meeting Rising Expectations for Customer Experience

Verint Systems, a global leader in Actionable Intelligence Solutions, recently revealed findings from a study. The study was more than 34,000 customers across 18 countries. According to the research, customer retention and global loyalty are declining at a rapid pace. Only 44% of consumers in total say that they have stayed with their service providers for at least 3 years. This is a reduction of 39% since 2015.

As the lives of today’s consumers become more connected, and we continue to rely more heavily on the latest technology, our expectations are changing. We’re beginning to expect more convenience in the ways that we interact, both in our personal lives and at work.

Technology like AI, chatbots, and social media have created an always-on environment. This makes it harder than ever for businesses to maintain the loyalty of their customers.

Relationships with Digital Service Are Changing

3 years on from Verint’s “Digital Tipping Point” research, which explored the relationship between human beings and digital channels for customer service. There’s been a massive change in the way that customers and companies interact. Over the last year, demand for interactions via mobile apps has increased by 57%, and demand for video chat has risen by 50%….


The article goes on to include:

  • More demographic percentages and figures
  • The Rise of Convenience First – One of the most significant findings from the research.

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