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Why Customer Journey Mapping Is Critical for Business Growth

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Customer journey mapping goes beyond the traditional sales cycle: awareness, purchase, review. It digs deeper into what the customer is experiencing at every step of the journey. Which, departments are involved during each of the customer interactions. Also, how all of this impacts the overall customer experience and revenue generated. While it may seem a tedious task to undertake, as it’s a process that seems largely logical. What it does provide is a clear overview of exactly what is happening in the organisation. When wanting to implement change or drive growth, having this information is critical. As it details on a micro-level how well the organisation is actually functioning. It is critical for decision making because it highlights the business operations from several different perspectives and provides an as-is situational analysis of the business.

The Customer Journey

With customer experience becoming increasingly important in terms of driving revenues, it’s useful to understand touchpoints in the customer journey. A touchpoint is considered any event where the customer interacts with a company. And it’s the sum of these touchpoints that creates the customer journey map.

A touchpoint could be when a customer first sees a product on social media and clicks through to a website link. It could be an advert they see on TV or a purchase made in-store or online. It may also include some technical aspects, such as installation or repairs, or post-purchase administration, such as a phone call to the accounts department. Each one of these touchpoints influences the customer experience and their overall view of the brand. Which is why it is so important that each of these interactions is positive.

The Employee

Highlighting customer touch points in terms of employees creates a greater awareness of the role they have to play in the customer experience. Where failures occur, it identifies skills or knowledge gaps that need to be remedied. Where there have been positive experiences, these can be used as building blocks for improving the customer experience further, creating opportunities for innovation. The information from customer journey mapping can be used to empower employees so that they take ownership of their part in the customer journey…Read more.

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