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Customer Satisfaction: 5 Key Factors to Consider in the Digital Era

This article about customer satisfaction was originally posted on on August 15th, 2017.

Thriving in the world of business today is a Herculean task for many small to large business organisations due to the stiff competition in their respective industries. From retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology, these industries are saturated with business organisations in stiff competition with each other. For many organisation in any industry to thrive, it must follow a blueprint of success where consumers must become an obsession.

With many organisations investing resources in transforming digitally, now is the time where practically any business organisation has the tools to provide their customers with the best experience possible. For organisations wondering how to deliver customer satisfaction successfully in the digital age, here are 5 key factors to consider.

Customer Satisfaction: How well do you know your consumers?

As most organisations that sell products and services are making the shift to digital transformation, it is now conventional practice to enhance customer experience. Enhancing this experience will depend on how an organisation understands its customers. Understanding the needs and wants of your consumers may… Read more.


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