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Delivering Exceptional Customer Service Through Real-Time Data

This article about customer service was originally posted by Infinit Contact on June 29, 2016.

Providing exceptional customer service nowadays requires businesses to not only have the ability to collect real-time data, but to respond to it in real time, too. Access is important, but that’s just the beginning. This is because data is meaningless without the real-time responses that customers demand. If you want to be ahead of the competition in terms if customer service, real-time data should be coupled with real -time response as often as necessary. It’s increasingly becoming the main differentiator that will set you apart from mediocre brands.

Here are three real-time data strategies you can implement today that will engender customer loyalty and long term success.

1. Customer Service Decipher context clues when analysing real-time data.

Knowing what your customer is doing now is not nearly enough. You should look within the context of the bigger picture. This helps you piece together what the appropriate response is at that precise moment. This means that you need to be familiar with your client’s past actions. What they did before you arrived at this point.

For example, for a specific customer complaint, you’d be dealing with the issue differently. If the same customer had called about the same complaint three times before in the past week, compared to someone calling for the first time. It would help to get as much data as you can from various sources. Collecting as much historical context on a specific issue will inform how you’ll resolve it for each specific case.

2. Use data from mobile and social media to move swiftly.

Businesses are now privy to real-time data, thanks to mobile and social media. It’s the closest thing to having someone personally tell you what a customer is up to at any given moment. This is a goldmine of data that you can use to help you decide what your next marketing strategy will be, but you need to respond fast. Using what you know in real-time will give you a real edge, considering that the latest research says that 75% of people expect a customer service response via social media within one hour.

Monitoring social media will give you a sense of what your clients are thinking and doing at the moment. If you also know the details of your business operations, you can use this to make critical decisions that will impact the bottom line. From product inventory to new product pushes to launching new campaigns, you can integrate real-time data with marketing strategies that align with your business goals and sales projections.

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