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Difference Between Abandoned Calls and Missed Calls

Abandoned Calls Vs Missed Calls

An Abandoned Call

An Abandoned call is a call that did not reach the agent or business because the caller ended the call before it being answered. When a user calls outside of dedicated business hour answering times and the caller gets frustrated and hangs up before leaving a message. Alternatively this can happen when a caller is in the waiting queue without being presented to an agent in a timely manner and is directed to leaving a voicemail, and the caller hung up before leaving the voicemail.

Call Abandonment Rate KPI

Its important to keep an eye on call abandonment rate, its a great KPI for your business as a high abandonment rate represents missed opportunities, customer dissatisfaction and ultimately lost revenue. Call Abandonment is often directly connected with wait and hold times.


How to Calculate Abandon Rate

Divide the number of abandoned calls by the total number of calls.

# of Abandoned Calls
__________________  = Abandon Rate
# of Total Calls

For example, if you receive 100 calls and 20 are abandoned, your abandon rate is 20%


A Missed call

A missed call is a call that has rang at least once but was not answered or was rejected by the agent or business. Also when a call is redirected directly to a voicemail but the caller hung up without leaving a message.  A missed call also happened when the call ends due to a technical issue or the caller themselves hangs up during the agent or business greeting when the call is answered. While blind transferring a caller to another department that doesn’t get answered this is also regarded as a missed call.

Missed Calls = Missed Business 

Danny Longbottom, BT Business SME managing director, said:

“We already know from speaking to our customers that missed calls mean missed business. Companies, especially SMEs, are becoming increasingly mobile – 77 per cent offer flexible working and 45 per cent hot-desking, according to the research – so getting calls to the right person is potentially more difficult… No one cares about how a call is routed, especially the customer – they just want to get to speak to the right person.”

Missed calls do make an impact on your revenues, probably more than you realise. The impact of revenue hurts you both short and and long term.

Short-term, you lose the daily revenue you might have made for that specific calls. Roughly about 85% of the people whose calls you miss don’t call back. That means you’ve lost whatever revenue you might have gotten forever.

Long-term, that lost revenue adds up to quite alot. So how much is this actually affecting your business? Here’s a simple formula to calculate it;


How to Calculate Revenue Lost from Missed Calls

Average sales amount per call  X  # of missed calls = Revenue lost

For example, if your average sale per call is €50 and you missed 20 calls, your Revenue lost is €1,000


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