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Differentiate Your CX with Emotional Connections

This article on CX was originally posted by Peter Dorrington for TTEC on April 5th, 2019.

We’re experiencing an explosion of choices. The digitalisation of industries allows consumers to source nearly anything they want from anywhere in the world. For example, this has led to the commoditisation of most products and services. As a result, companies need new ways to connect with their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. Enter emotions. I’ll explain why emotions play a vital role in driving excellent customer experiences (CX).

Customer engagement is emotional engagement

As I explained in my recent CX Workshop, “Customer Experience, It’s How You Make Me Feel,” in today’s world more choice often means more complexity, and humans always try to simplify complexity. However, this gave rise to many goods and services becoming commodities with few differences in product quality. The ease of access and ‘on demand’ services also weakened customer loyalty. What’s more, measures of satisfaction are no longer predictive. Therefore, we need to understand customers better so as to deliver tailored, personalised experiences. Our perception of an experience is complex, being driven by past emotions and social norms. Logic and feelings are how you judge experiences. And what a consumer takes away or recalls from an experience will drive their next decision with your company. Therefore, it’s critical to understand how emotions can drive an exceptional CX program.

The heart of the customer experience

Humans hate complexity, they’re looking for simplification. What that means for many organisations is don’t offer customers more confusing choices, make the decision process simpler for them. For example, highlight the key differences between similar products or explain how the products complement other products. Saving time for the customer by simplifying the selection process creates value and can generate positive emotions. What else can companies do to leverage the power of emotions in driving better customer experiences?

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