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Do I need Diary Management for Customer Service?

What is Diary Management?

The importance of keeping an accurate business diary is a vital part of your business success.

This business tool can be the difference between your business expanding and not expanding. Carelessness of this vital part of your business will lead to an array of issues both presently and down the line in the future. Some of the common issues businesses face from this carelessness include:

  • Time waste which translates into revenue loss
  • Retaining current clients
  • Converting new clients
  • Ability to secure partnerships and build important industry relationships
  • Employee and client frustration

The latest ONS statistics show that around 582,000 people are employed as business sales executives, sales accounts and business development managers. That’s a lot of appointment diaries that need to be managed, with many companies leaving team members to look after their own.

For example, a busy business consultant handles 6 clients each day. Each of those appointments may take up to 5 minites to schedule a time appropriate for both parties, to input the appointment into a calendar and then maybe send the appointment to the client.

6 appointments x 5 minutes = 30 minutes

  • Weekly – 2.5 hours
  • Yearly – 130 hours

Currently in Ireland the average wage for a Business consultant is €45000, if we break that down into the average working week of 40 hours. You are essentially paying your employees just under €3,000 a year to manage appointments. If you multiple that by 10 employee for example, thats €30,000 a year. This is vital time that could be spent with your clients making the business more revenue.

The important question to ask yourself is: Are the right people carrying out these necessary administration tasks, and are they doing it well?

Whats the solution?

If you’re already thinking of outsourcing your calls or signing onto a call overflow service, then why not consider one that also manages your appointments?

Outsourcing your diary management service to a third party company can have huge benefits for your company. Especially when it comes to improving both time management skills and freeing up valuable in-house staff working hours.

Diary management covers various customer support services such as virtual reception, help desk support and an after hours call service. Here at Call Pageboy Call Centre, we offer diary management as part of our overall call centre services. We appoint a dedicated account manager and team to manage and update all diary systems to ensure that you never miss an important meeting or call. For more information on the services that we offer, contact us here.

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