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Effective Ways to Humanise your Online Chats

Talking to a customers using online chats vs on the phone requires a special kind of training and is much more than just typing responses or sending prewritten answers. This type of instant communication has changed the way companies interact with their customers. Live chat has become the leading digital contact method for online customers, a massive 46% of users prefer live chat compared to just 29% for email, and 16% for social media.

Online Chats Tips:

First Impressions are Everything

This is true when meeting new people or talking to someone over the phone for the first time. So why would it be different for online chats? Well its not. In fact use of language and tone is arguably more important over chat. Sentiment or meanings can easily be misunderstood or miscommunicated so extra care is needed when chatting with a client.

Introduce yourself

Always start the conversation introducing yourself with your name so the client immediately humanises you.

Typing indicator

Use a typing indicator so the client knows you are responding and have not left the chat.

Use real pictures

Using a display picture of the agent the client is talking with humanises the agent and allows the client to have more of a connection with them.


Avoid using caps, they can sound AGGRESSIVE.

Response time

Clients choose to use chat for the immediacy of support. If you are not responding within a timely matter you’re not giving your client the support they expect.

Pre-chat surveys

Use pre-chat surveys –  Asking a set questions before the chat is initiated. Maybe there is data needed before an agent can talk about a certain account, or there are specialists for different areas of the business or query types. If you ask the client for this information it not only saves time, but the agent may have a better understanding of why the client got in touch and can personalise or adapt their approach from the very start. Making the whole chat quicker and more efficient.

Post-chat surveys

Allowing clients to give feedback shows them you care and it improves your overall service to identify any issues.


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