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Examples Of Great Customer Service During COVID-19

This article was originally written by Blake Morgan for forbes.com

Great Customer Service During COVID-19

Heroes are born out of moments of crisis. The world has definitely seen its fair share of crises in the last six months, but it has also seen incredible heroes. During challenging times, companies and employees have the chance to step up and deliver amazing customer service when people need it most.

Here are 10 examples of great customer service during COVID-19 by people who went above and beyond.


Zappos Opens Hotline To Chat With Customers

During times of social distancing, many people crave human connection. Rose Wang called Zappos customer service to check on the status of a gift she had ordered for her mother. But as the Zappos employee, Crystal Mouzon, started making small talk, Rose realized how much she just needed to talk to someone. They ended up chatting for 45 minutes about everything from family relationships to travel. The conversation between two new friends left Rose feeling refreshed and renewed.

DC Shoe Store

DC Shoe Store Makes Personal Delivery

For 14 years, one couple has visited Hu’s Shoes in Washington, D.C. to pick out shoes as a Mother’s Day present. With Mother’s Day falling during a pandemic this year, the couple’s child reached out to the store to let the owners know they would be back in as soon as social distancing regulations eased. Going above and beyond, the store’s co-owner Eric offered to go into the store, hand pick options for the mother and deliver them to her house across town. The simple act made the once-a-year customers feel like VIPs.


UPS Store Owner Drives All Night To Deliver Package

Shipping was hit hard by COVID-19, but a UPS Store owner took it into his own hands to make sure a customer’s packages got where they needed to be on time. A customer came into the store in Cleveland with two large packages that needed to get to Florida by Saturday, but UPS delivery was too busy to get the packages there in time. The store owner, Ardeshir Agahi, drove 1,250 miles through the night from Cleveland to Naples, Florida to hand deliver the packages a day early, then jumped back in his car and drove home to make it back to open the store on Monday morning.

The article goes on to include;

  • Pharmacist Delivers Medicine To Home-Bound Customers

  • Walmart Manager Helps The Elderly

  • Librarians Dress Up To Brighten Customers’ Days

And many more…continue reading here.


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