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Established since 1972 Pageboy Contact Centre is 100% Irish owned and managed on a daily basis. Our customer base speaks volumes in relation to the quality service we provide and we provide each and every one of our clients with a personal service.

Speak to one of our sales team who will help identify which service best suits your requirements.

Once our sales executive has identified your business needs, he or she will send you a written proposal with details and prices for that service along with a subscriber form if requested.

If you then wish to proceed with the service we require a completed subscriber form and Direct Debit Mandate along with your company profile / details and a cheque for the first months subscription in advance.

Once this has been received the original sales executive you spoke to will contact you again to confirm some basic account decisions with your service, e.g. your greeting, information taken form your callers etc.

When you are completely satisfied with your account details, you will be issued with your unique telephone number and then you are ready to “Go Live”. You can divert your existing landline and/or mobile to your unique number or publish that number directly in advertisements etc.

This depends on which service you require. For e.g. our Telephone Receptionist Service can be set up on the same day we receive your completed subscriber form whereas our Helpdesk service may require us to meet with you so that we have all the relevant information required to train our contact centre representatives on your Company and its product(s) or service.

At start date you are supplied with your own unique telephone number. As calls come into your assigned telephone number our computerised telephone system screen pops your company name and information before we answer your call.

Yes. To allow your calls to be answered in Pageboy Contact Centre you need to divert/call forward your existing number(s) to your assigned number. This can be done by either your phone system company if you have a large phone system or by you following the steps below (You will need to ask Eircom to activate the call forwarding facility on your line if it is not activated already).

The Eircom divert:
  • Lift Receiver
  • Press * 21 *
  • Enter the number you wish to forward your calls to ( include the area code )
  • Press #
To Take the Eircom Divert off:
  • Lift the receiver
  • Press #21#

Your phone system supplier would need to programme your phone system to divert to Pageboy Contact Centre at your convenience, i.e. by simply pressing a pre-programmed button on your phone.

Your messages can be sent to your pager, to your mobile as an SMS Text Message or by Fax or Email. We can also provide you with a full call confirmation service if voice-to-voice confirmation is required.

No. The main emphasis of our service is to give callers the impression that they are through to your office. We only ever say that we are not the main office if we are requested to do so by our client. Our staff are customer-care focused and fully trained to deal with every call in an efficient, seamless manner. We understand the importance of giving the best possible service to our clients.

At Pageboy Contact Centre, your privacy is paramount. We do not divulge or make available to any third party our subscription list or any information taken from messages. Pageboy Contact Centre protects our client’s information from unauthorized outside access by means of a software and hardware firewall combination. Also, our contact centre floor is strictly off limits to all unauthorized visitors and all our staff have signed non – disclosure agreements.

In the event of a hardware or software error, our technical staff are notified and the error is isolated. If the problem is a failure of a hardware component, Pageboy Contact Centre keeps an inventory of spare parts both on and off site. A hard copy of customer records and procedures is within easy reach of all contact centre representatives.

We have maintenance contracts in place with our phone system suppliers and our computer system / network suppliers. Our office also has in place a state of the art back up electricity generator, which automatically kicks in the event of a power outage.

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