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Five Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2017

This article was originally posted on on March 8th, 2017.

The contact center industry continues a remarkable transformation as consumers set the customer service bar ever higher. Connected to the world 24/7/365 through mobile devices, consumers demand from businesses quick resolution of issues – both simple and complex – across all communication channels.

This year, companies operating in-house contact centers and providers of outsourced contact center services will continue to tap the cloud to support forward-thinking technologies and strategies aimed at meeting the needs of today’s mobile consumer. Thanks to the cloud’s seemingly unlimited computing power, artificial intelligence – in the form of customer service bots – will become more pervasive.

Contact center leaders will be challenged to allocate limited resources in an environment where consumers expect customer service “without limits.” With this in mind, let’s look at five trends that will shape contact center operations… Read more.

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