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Five Ways AI Is Changing Customer Service Today

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Five Ways AI Is Changing Customer Service Today

Customer service is a massive industry that has created jobs for millions of people. It’s only a matter of time until we won’t be able to tell apart a human customer support agent from an AI one.

Companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Google have been investing heavily into this field, and have created astonishingly lifelike AI assistants that talk and react almost exactly as you would expect a real person to.

Today, customer service has become so reliant on AI that most companies use this medium for their entire first point of contact, to the point where they don’t even hire people for the job. We’ll be going over some aspects of customer service that have been affected deeply by artificial intelligence in detail.

1. Dynamic problem solving

When a user contacts customer service, they want their problem to be rectified almost immediately. But when a customer agent constantly asks them to hold or gives them a waiting period for the query to be completed, it can certainly be annoying.

AI customer service handles this in a far more reliable and dynamic way. Most AI customer service agents are referred to as bots. These bots are equipped with various tools they can dynamically use while assisting a user.

You are given various options during your conversation with the bot, allowing you to solve your problem dynamically. It’s a fairly useful technique that leaves the user satisfied without wasting their time.

2. Consistent 24/7 Quality Service

While it’s true that many companies that still offer 24/7 customer service off the back of a human workforce, this isn’t always as helpful as advertised. The cost of creating an AI that is responsive to user queries is significantly lower than training, hiring, and then paying a human employee.

That isn’t to say that AIs are perfectly adequate agents for this job, but their availability is guaranteed due to the fact they are fundamentally a series of code that will respond, react, and adapt to situations required by the user….


The article goes on to include: 

  • Conversational Process Automation
  • Accessibility and availability of services
  • Personalised care

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