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Forrester CX NYC 2019: How to Break Through Stagnant Customer Experiences

This article on ‘How to Break Through Stagnant Customer Experiences’ was originally posted on the 19th of June, 2019 by Judith Aquino at TTEC. TTEC is a leading customer experience technology and services company .

How to Break Through Stagnant Customer Experiences

At Forrester’s CX NYC 2019 conference, the message was clear: customer experience has a hit a wall. The failure to understand what customers really want and deliver value has led to irrelevant experiences and disengaged customers. Across a total of 16 industries in the research firm’s latest U.S. Customer Experience Index, 81 percent of the brands have a stagnated customer experience.

The good news is with the right strategy, data insights, and a healthy dose of experimentation, companies can break through the wall to drive greater customer engagement and loyalty. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the conference on how to do exactly that.

1. Think POST

While cutting-edge technology is a key driver of great customer experiences it isn’t the only component that matters when making a buying decision. “Too many firms don’t put the customer in the centre of their CX technology buying decisions. Or they’re not taking a holistic view of how the technology fits within the rest of the organisation.” Said Forrester Senior Analyst Faith Adams at a breakout session.

The result is a waste of resources and unsuccessful customer outcomes. Adams suggested the acronym POST (People, Objective, Strategy, Technology) as a smarter and more effective way to integrate technology into a company’s CX initiatives.

Kathy Schwartz, director of customer experience at pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur, shared additional tips for implementing a successful CX strategy. Being transparent in the RFP process about the sources of data that vendors would be asked to work with and asking them to demonstrate their capabilities quickly pares down the list, Schwartz said.

Also, defining the success metrics of the CX program early on is important. But “don’t overcommit to those metrics,” she advised. As the CX program matures, companies should remember that KPIs and priorities could change, so it’s also important to do regular assessments.

This article also covers:

1. Engage values-based consumers strategically

2. Unlock empathy by humanising data

3. Employee experience matters

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