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Getting Started

Step 1 is typically an invitation to visit to our offices – After all, you are entrusting your Brand & Business, what better way to address your concerns.

  • Meet the agents who would be speaking with your customers
  • See similar services working in a live environment
  • Let us demonstrate our experience and supply service referee’s
  • Be assured of our understanding of your Trust in how we represent your brand and business

After listening to your requirements and advising you of similar experiences and lessons learned, we will supply you with a clear and transparent proposal for review.

  • Service
  • Reporting
  • SLA’s
  • KPI’s
  • Training
  • Quality
  • Volumes
  • Testing

Whether it is a brand new or existing service, our Project Delivery Team will manage the design and launch of your service, in a structured time frame.

  • Scripting Design
  • CRM Integration
  • Hours of Service
  • AHT
  • Review
  • Issues/ Risks
  • Transparency
  • Trust

Operational & Account Management – with your service up and running we will record all aspects of your service. 100% Transparency 100% of the time. Your service and customers will evolve. We capture feedback, measure Quality and performance and make sure we exceed your expectations.

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