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Handling Negative Customer Feedback

All businesses will inevitably encounter negative customer feedback at various stages during the lifespan of their company. As much as we all hope we could, it is impossible to ensure that our customers will be happy. Also, satisfied 100 percent of the time.

With accessibility to the Internet improving, along with this shift to Working From Home, customers are doing more online shopping and contacting companies through media than ever before. However we need to understand that it’s much easier for a customer to share their negative experiences now. The most important part of receiving negative feedback is how your business decides to handle it. React correctly and you may be able to diffuse the situation quickly. React badly and the events may escalate further.

Although it can often be hard to deal with negative customer feedback, it’s essential to not take it on a personal level. Below are a few best practice guidelines which you can follow when handling negative reviews and comments from disgruntled customers:

Customer Feedback

Assess the situation

If a customer is discussing your products or services in a negative manner either online or to your customer service agents, it is important to understand what triggered this response. Identify the issue that your customer is experiencing and determine whether their complaint is valid or not.

Respond immediately and appropriately

It is always important to acknowledge and reply to the customer as soon as possible. Especially, in a respectful and sincere manner. No matter how you feel personally about your business, you need to be courteous. Also make sure to thank the customer for feedback.

Take it as a ‘golden opportunity’

Always use negative customer feedback as an opportunity to see where you can improve your business. Customer feedback may highlight products, services or business processes that are sub-standard. If you make sure your customers know their voice is her, it shows that your business cares about your customers.

Follow up

Following up with a customer after receiving a negative customer complaint proves how much their loyalty means to you as a company. If you ensure that they are happy with the solution that you provided, it can improve customer satisfaction and retention levels.

As a call centre, we train all of our agents on a frequent basis to make sure that they are able to perform correctly in all customer service scenarios. Our agents are trained to understand customer needs and provide effective customer solutions. In a situation where a call agent is unable to resolve a customer’s complaint, we follow the correct escalation procedures to make sure your customers receive the support that they need. For more information on how our call centre services can help you manage customer feedback, contact us here.


At CallPageboy, it is important to us that your customers get the best customer service experience. Our technology allows us to respond to your needs quickly and effectively with 24 support.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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