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How a Call Centre Benefits the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Industry

Due to the customer centric nature of the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry, it is vital to provide an excellent customer service experience on an everyday basis. The last thing that you want is for a customer to feel that they aren’t being supported. Especially when it concerns their health. There are many reasons as to why this may occur such as call volume demands or lack of staff. However, using an outsourced call centre can ensure that your company continues to provide unconditional support at all times.

Many healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have begun availing of call centre services in recent years. A call centre can offer numerous service benefits to healthcare providers. In order to build upon existing customer experience and service provision.

Call Centre Benefits for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Industry:

  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Industry: Efficient provision of care – 

    • Using a call centre means that call agents can focus on providing your patients with the customer support. While you focus on providing them with the medical care that they need. Availing of help desk and after hours support means that a patient can have their queries and concerns answered without distracting in-house administration or healthcare staff from their important roles and leaves them assured that they have continuous access to care and support.
  • Access to the latest technology 

    • Call centres operate using the latest call centre and data management technology ensuring that your patients receive the highest level of customer service and support. Our technology allows us to provide healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with multi-channel support including telephone answering, email, social media, SMS text and more. This means that your patients will be supported on all channels at all times.
  • Expert diary and database management

    • Those companies who operate in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry assure that their daily practice management and patient database are continually kept up to date. When using a diary and database management service. Call agents can schedule/confirm appointments for healthcare providers and follow up with reminder service regarding patient appointments or prescription renewals.
  • Reduced in-house administration costs 

    • Outsourcing support services to a call centre can prove beneficial for reducing in-house administration costs. In terms of hiring and training new employees and give companies the opportunity to invest these costs towards patient care services.
  • Improved patient support – 

    • Due to the extensive client specific training provided to call agents, they are able to provide patients with quick, knowledgeable responses and follow escalation procedures where necessary. Providing high quality patient support is a high priority for those in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. By availing of call centre services, this ensures that your patients are supported 24/7/365.

Call Pageboy Contact Centre has over 40 years’ experience of providing customer support services to the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry. We provide qualified and trained call agents. They provide your patients with a positive customer experience while handling their sensitive information in accordance with data protection laws. Our after hours and help desk services provide administrative relief to your in-house staff and ensure that no patient queries have been missed. For more information on the range of services that we offer to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, contact us here.

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