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How AI in Contact Centres can Capture the Millennial Customer?

As Artificial Intelligence changes technology in contact centres, we see a better way to capture many different audiences including the millennial customer.

According to Business Insider, Millennials make up about 30% of the population today. Because they are a large portion of the population, the millennial generation will be an important part of your company’s customers. It is crucial for your company to have seamless and easy methods of connection to your call centre.

Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centres

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows for multiple methods of connection for customers and companies.  AI allows contact via web chat, web forms, SMS messages, email and more. Because the amount of calls into contact centres is shrinking, other methods of connection are becoming important for any business.

How Artificial Intelligence Captures the Millennial Customer?


The millennial customer is known for being loyal and technology driven. If you have a self-service connection avenue for customers to contact customer service, your company will be more suited for millennials. AI technology allows contact centres to implement a self service method like web chat. Because millennials are less likely to make a call to solve a customer service problem, a self-service method is more suited for millennials. Studies have shown that if a millennial has a good experience with a company they are likely to repurchase products or reuse a service. Therefore, providing an easy self-service connection method will please the millennials.

Multiple Methods

In addition, Artificial Intelligence allows for an Omnichannel service for customers to connect. In other words, Omnichannel customer service is one place for multiple methods of connection customer service. Some of these methods include web chat, SMS messages, social media, email, and web forms. The millennial customer will want more than one option to connect with your company. Therefore, with the use of these avenues on the internet, your company will capture the millennial customer.

Quick Solutions

Because millennial customers live fast paced lives, having quick answers to their problems is important. AI allows your customers to get quick solutions to their questions. If a customer has a low level question, which are easy to answer or commonly asked, AI allows them to find an answer faster.  FAQ pages and web chat portals use AI. These allow for quick answers because the answers are automated.

At CallPageboy, we work to give our client’s customers multiple channels to connect with customer service that meets all customers’ needs.  We offer the ability for your customers to contact customer service 24/7/365 via Web Chat, Web Forms, Email and SMS Messages. It is important that we change to meet the need of your customers. Click here to get a quote.


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