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How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Customer Service

AI Can Enhance Customer Service 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows for multiple methods of connection for customers and companies. AI allows contact via web chat, web forms, SMS messages, email, and more. Because of all the new technologies that have emerged over the last few years, other methods of connecting with customers are becoming important for any business.

AI technology as a service that will allow for real-time self-service for customer service companies and platforms. 

We are already living in an era of automation. Smarter and more strategic customer service. Individuals will appreciate preemptive actions delivered by intelligent agents fuelled with artificial intelligence.

Customer Service Team 

Although AI is a great tool to use for your customers, when used right, one of the main benefits of AI is to your Customer Service team. It vastly increases the availability of your team to focus on more complex inquiries or complaints. A team member can only look after one customer at a time, however, AI can ‘chat’ to a vast number of customers at the same time, this improves overall service which improves: 

  • Optimise wait times 
  • Optimised solutions 
  • Better organisation making their day to day tasks easier and hopefully more enjoyable 
  • Automatically escalate more complex queries if the bot doesn’t understand

Artificial Intelligence Insights 

In an ever-growing fast-paced world, sometimes data can be outdated very quickly. Building up customer service reports by manually inputting details after every call can be time-consuming.

This information is highly valuable to business owners, however, it hasn’t always been easy to collect, and it also hasn’t always been reliable. Manually collecting data takes a lot of time and effort to collect and analyse. This takes away from time that could be spent on website development, service improvement, and social listening.

With AI you can get real-time insights across all contact channels, this allows you to adapt and improve your service quickly and efficiently:

  • Predict future trends
  • Personalisation 
  • Identify common customer concerns 
  • Performance tracking 
  • Ability to provide proactive support 
  • Ability to adapt quickly 

Artificial Intelligence Business Pro’s 

There are many advantages from a business perspective, without taking into account all the pros to your customer service team and your end-users, AI has proven to improve Business level performance.

Cost reduction is one of the main things that entice companies to invest in AI. By automating conversations and even marketing campaign means you spend less on those operations. However, as companies use AI they quickly discover more pros to business success: 

  • Customer churn reduction
  • Organise business workflow 
  • Improves productivity 
  • Better overall customer experience


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