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How can Contact Centres Improve Brand Image?

As the saying goes, customers are more likely to tell people about a bad experience with a company than a good experience. This saying remains true for experiences with a company’s contact centre. This is why it’s important to have a contact centre providing services that only improve a company’s brand image.

When contacting a company, a PwC study found that that speed, convenience, helpfulness and friendlessness are the characteristics most important to a customers experience. The study also found that one bad experience would lead 1 in 3 consumers leaving a brand that they loved.

How can contact centres help improve brand image?

Be a Multichannel Service Provider

Having multiple methods of contact is one way to improve a customer’s experience with a contact centre. Many customers like to talk to a person when contacting customer service, but being on the phone is not everyone’s ideal method. Other methods to connect with customer service may be:

  • Email
  • SMS Text
  • Web Chat
  • Web Forms

Consistent Message and Standard

Having a consistent message and service from a company improves the company’s brand as it keeps people wanting to come back. This is especially important in call centres, they are a representation of the brand. As a company you do not want one part of the brand to fall short of the standards set. When all aspects of the company are the same standard and message, the company’s brand image will improve. Keeping consistent messaging and standard customers to trust and like the brand more.

Fully Trained Agents

Having well trained call centre agents is important because they are a representation of your company and brand. Responsible call agents are trained to represent your company’s message and to solve problems for customers. If they cannot solve a problem or do not promote the correct message, this can reflect badly on the brand and you can lose customers. When call centre agents are well trained, it will improve your company’s brand image because the agents will treat customers to the same experience that you would.

Speaking the Same Language

Having a customer call and talk to someone who speaks the same language and has a similar accent as them can make the calls seem more familiar to the customer. Customer’s have complained in the past when talking to an agent that does not natively speak English. To improve the experience and improve your brand, having agents talking the same language and having similar accents is important.

At CallPageboy, we set out to help improve your company’s brand by providing the characteristics listed above. As a Contact Centre offer 24/7/365 virtual services including customer service, virtual reception and help desk. Being a Dublin based company, we provide agents that speak English and are trained for your company.. We help create a script that is consistent with your brand, not to hurt your brand.

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