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Market Research Improves Customer Satisfaction

Sometimes the best way to ensure satisfaction among your customers is by hearing from them directly. In the past, market research was given a bad name especially with the approaches of cold calling and unwanted sales calls. Many customers were frustrated by these methods and were unwilling to communicate with companies regarding their experiences. However, attitudes are now changing allowing companies to gain a deeper insight into what satisfies a customer.

There are many benefits to carrying out market research for your company especially if you are looking to increase customer retention and provide a positive customer experience.

By conducting customer surveys, telemarketing and questionnaires you can:

  • Understand your customers better 
    • Gaining a deeper understanding of who your customers are and their expectations will enviably help your company. This assesses the current satisfaction levels of your customers. It is important to not only understand your current customers. But also past customers so that you can pinpoint their needs, wants and the factors that influence their buying decisions.
  • Identify pain points and areas of frustration 
    • Carrying out market research through questionnaires and surveys not only helps you understand your customers. But also highlights any pain points or areas of frustration that they may be experiencing. For example, you may discover that your customers find call waiting times too long when getting in contact with your company or would like to see a bigger variety of product and service offerings.
  • Track customer satisfaction across social channels 
    • Using data gathered from a CRM system and through social media monitoring, you can identify how successful your company’s online interactions and relations with customers are. Doing so can help you identify any potential areas of weakness within your customer service support.
  • Refine your lead generation strategy 
    • Market research allows you to ensure that your company is performing well against your competitors and that you are consistently responding and acting upon your customers wants and needs. Staying up to date with the industry that you are operating in and your customer base not only allows you to assess your company offerings but also improves customer loyalty and in turn customer satisfaction and retention.

Call Pageboy Contact Centre’s experienced market research team conduct telephone surveys on behalf of your company. Our team design questionnaires, call your customers and collate their feedback to determine their overall satisfaction levels. If you are looking to find out more information regarding our services, contact us here.

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