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How Outsourcing Your Telemarketing Can Generate More Leads

The phrases ‘cold calling’ and ‘outsourcing’ can send chills down the spines of many business people.  It’s often viewed as an intimidating, difficult, and a boring process. Because of this, they generally get ignored. However, outbound telemarketing campaigns can be a great way to reach new prospects. You have the option to communicate a message, gather feedback, and determine what the next step should be. In a normal process, somebody in sales should make hundreds of cold calls so they could set up appointments and generate leads, often with a low conversion rate. However, most sales people prefer to close sales and not instigate them, so outsourcing the task is never high on priority lists. Here are some tips when considering outsourcing your telemarketing to CallPageBoy:

We specialise

If cold calling is an effective way to introduce your company to new prospects, then don’t ignore it. Instead of getting your sales team to devote time to prospecting, why not use an outsourced telemarketing group like CallPageBoy to make a high volume of calls. This way we can find you the decision makers and provide quality leads for your own sales team. If you leave the prospecting to us, then your salespeople can spend all of their time selling and closing. Your company can produce more revenue in the same amount of time. Furthermore, your own sales team earn more commission, doing what they love, and they’re more satisfied with their jobs.

Estimate your call volume

In most cases, your call volume drives your headcount, software needs, phone system and the office space you’ll need.  If you’re thinking about outsourcing, these are the first questions we will ask:

  • How many calls will we need to make and over what period?
  • How long is the campaign and do we just need to call a certain number of potentials or is it an ongoing initiative?
  • Are we calling into different time zones?
  • Are there certain days of the week, month or year that are most important when making calls?
  • If you were making the calls, then how many calls you can complete in an hour?

This way we’ll have a basic estimate on the number of calls and hours we will need. Remember that it’s tough to get decision makers on the phone. A good sales person may only have a handful of quality conversations each hour and everything else is usually a callback.

Budget for everything

Don’t forget the incidentals as these are costs that can sneak up on you. If your budget is skyrocketing, it becomes harder to generate a return. These are the considerations that we need to make:

  • Headcount
  • Headsets & phones
  • Workstations
  • Long distance charges
  • Extra phone lines
  • Software licenses
  • Bonuses and incentives
  • Management

Develop a good script

We can work with you to develop good scripts that we will keep fine-tuning. We need to capture peoples attention, build value, and close; a good script will help us do it consistently.

  • We will make your scripts conversational, simple, and focused on the end goal.
  • It helps if you listen to calls as we are developing and refining your script. What looks good on paper may not work on the phone.
  • Get feedback from your team as well.

We make it fun

Telemarketing is a tough job and turnover is a big issue. We aim to keep the energy high and our team are never bored or unhappy. Believe it or not, it comes through in their voice.

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