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How to Convince Senior Stakeholders to Invest in Customer Experience

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How to Convince Senior Stakeholders to Invest in Customer Experience

They say that Customer Experience (CX) is the new competitive battleground – but, all too often, that battle must start inside the four walls of the company. Despite the fact that CX has been consistently proven to make a brand stand out from the competition and win the market, many CEOs are still reluctant to invest adequately in this critical function. Customer Experience and Operational leads are left to fight for a seat at the table and for a war chest to create a CX strategy that excels.

First, this can be down to a misunderstanding about what customer experience actually is. For many CEOs, it simply means ‘customer support’ – CS agents handling queries and complaints from users. While some will intuitively understand the value of CS and some will not, without a clear understanding of the differences between the two, the decision not to invest in it is an easier one.

Second, proving the returns of investment in customer experience is not always a straightforward task. For example, it’s not possible to establish a direct and unequivocal correlation between higher NPS and CSAT and higher revenue, since multiple factors impact your bottom line. Therefore, it’s not possible to look at one of them in isolation. Similarly, positive customer sentiment can be difficult to measure purely in dollar value. So, with an often-difficult financial case to make, CX and Ops leads can find themselves facing an uphill battle with sceptical decision-makers.

This is the exact situation that many Heads of CX and Operations are in when they first reach out. They understand the true value of investing properly in their company’s CX but are having difficulty securing full buy-in from the C-Suite. Our approach is to work closely with these managers and help them to build a case for investment that successfully brings the CEO on board. While every case is unique, there are some fundamental steps that apply to most.

Define the Customer Experience

Many CEOs believe it is all about Customer Support, but that is really only a part of the picture. CX takes in the experience that customers have with your brand during every single interaction along the entire ‘buyer’s journey’. Common touchpoints include first landing on your site and navigating through the content, interacting with your team members via phone or chat, making the purchase or sign-up, and being supported and educated post-purchase.

The article goes on to include:

  • Show how CX strategy can break down silos
  • Show Data and Talk Data
  • Prove the cost of inaction

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