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Importance of Good Customer Service

Quality customer service can be very important to your company and brand. Customer service affects your brand image and customer base. Here are some reasons that improving your customer experience is important for your company.

Importance of Good Customer Service


A Think Jar report stated that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a guaranteed good experience, word of mouth reputation. If you give a quality customer experience, customers are willing to spend more money on your product or service because as they have peace of mind. This can also be important if you are selling an expensive product, because customers will be expecting to receive better customer service.

Loyalty is Cheaper

When you have good customer service, customers are more likely to return to your company. Customer retention is less expensive than spending money for marketing on trying to gain new customers. Existing customers are also more likely to buy from you than new customers. If customers know that you are a brand they like and trust, they are more likely to come back. They will remain loyal if they trust you. It is important to provide a quality customer service to keep customers.

Effect on Brand Image

Customer service has a big impact on your company’s brand image. Your customer service agents represent your mission, values and are a representation of your brand. If customers have a bad experience with customer service, this will represent on your brand. Bad customer experiences can lead to a bad brand image. It is important that you have customer service that presents your company’s mission and values to allow for a better customer service experience.

Customers referrals

When customers are pleased with a company, they are likely to tell their friends and family about it. Friends and family word of mouth is the most trusted form of referrals for people. This means that your customer can be free advertisements and endorsements for your company, if they are pleased with the customer service. Customers are also more likely to tell friends and family about a bad experience than a good one. Why would you want to have bad endorsements of your company spreading? Insuring that you have good customer, can lead to free endorsements and advertisements.


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