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IT & Telecoms: Benefits of 24 hour help desk support

Many companies within the IT and telecommunications industries outsource their customer support services such as help desk support and virtual reception in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in a highly competitive economic environment.

Working alongside a 24 hour help desk support provider can prove to be beneficial for professionals within the IT and telecommunications industries. As both of these industries require in-house staff who are trained to work in a highly technical and fast paced industry, juggling this along with a large demand in customer queries can often lead to stressed and overworked employees.

Outsourced help desk support can offer IT & telecommunication companies numerous benefits when it comes to achieving customer service goals:

  • Reduced costs – It can offer companies better financial leverage. Due to its low fixed costs and no requirement to hire in-house, it greatly reduces costs for businesses while also leveraging overall ROI.
  • Great Flexibility – Due to the nature of the IT and telecommunications industries, customers can encounter issues at any time of the day. Whether they are experiencing problems with a software program or their internet connection is down, 24 hour help desk support ensures that your customers queries are answered whenever they may call.
  • Better management – Help desk support providers not only aid in customer support but also operate the necessary telephony systems, manage CRM and sales systems and advise data management teams. This gives IT and telecommunications companies the time resources and ability to focus on the daily core operations of their business.
  • Rapid response – As a service, it provides businesses with the benefit of a guaranteed quick response time. As call volumes rise, call agents can ensure that your customers issues are addressed immediately without delay.
  • Industry knowledge – All call agents are continuously trained in IT and telecommunications industry knowledge to ensure that they can offer a high level of customer service combined with the appropriate industry knowledge so that no customer problem or issue goes unanswered.

Call Pageboy Contact Centre provides customer-centric help desk services to the IT and telecommunications industries. Our call centre technology ensures that your business maintains desired customer care service levels while also reducing staff interruptions. Our expert call agents work across all communications channels including telesales, email to social media in order to solve your customers’ issues, 24 hours a day.

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