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Keeping Customers Happy through Social Media

This article about customers was originally posted on on February 3rd, 2016.

While we have said this time and time again, but customers are still considered the lifeline of any business. This is why we invest so much in customer acquisition and retention, even focusing on customer service outsourcing to deliver expert service. Customer retention is always the more ideal goal, as repeat purchasers prove to be loyal customers and even develop into brand advocates.

How do we retain customers? Aside from obvious factors such as product quality and pricing, the biggest appeal for repeat customer is based on an emotional factor – they simply love shopping with you, and they like how you make them feel. And this emotional factor can always be traced to great customer service.

It has been proven that unhappy purchasers primarily discontinue supporting a product or service because they experienced poor customer service. Brand advocates, meanwhile, become loyalists and even spokespersons for a product or service because of great experiences… Read more.

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