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Live Chat and Social Media: Providing your Customers with High Quality Support

Providing live chat and social media support has become essential for companies who want to ensure that their customers have a positive customer experience and are fully supported when online. With online usage on the rise every single day, it has become the norm for customers to get in contact. With a company over support rather than via traditional methods such as phone or email.

When searching for either a service or product online, customers still want the experience of dealing with a company representative who can answer their queries in real time. Live chat and social media support allow customers the opportunity to do this comfortably. Whether they are at home or while travelling, regardless of the hour.

Multiple benefits that live chat and social media support when providing high quality support to customers:

  • Convenient for customers 
    • If a customer needs help after encountering an issue online, live chat and social media can provide instant access to support. It also provides customers with the opportunity to easily continue multi-tasking from their own home or while in the office.
  • Reduces in-house expenses 
    • Due to the nature of live chat and social media support, these forms of online customer support allow call centre agents to handle multiple customer queries simultaneously and ensure low waiting times. This cuts down on a company’s need to hire additional in-house staff leading to reduced expenses.
  • Insight into customer pain points 
    • Live chat and social media support give companies access to customers’ needs and pain points. That may not be possible via over the phone interactions. Online support provides call agents with numerous transcripts to help companies identify customer pain point trends. This data provides companies with vital information regarding customer satisfaction and product or service performance.
  • Builds loyalty and trust among customers 
    • Today’s digital world has given customers more of a voice when it comes to interacting with companies. As providing quality customer service is crucial to long term business success, giving your customers instant support over online channels will build deeper, more loyal customer relationships. This in turn will increase customer acquisition and retention rates.

Call Pageboy Contact Centre provide seamless multi-channel customer support, ensuring that your customers will have access to support on the channel that suits them most, 24 hours a day. Our call agents are trained to provide knowledgable, client specific support from the first point of contact. For more information about the services that we offer, contact us here.

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