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Ken Colley
Managing Director

As Managing Director & Senior Account Director, Ken understands how much Trust a customer is putting into CallPageboy Call Centre representing their brand during the provision of services.

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Rachel Neale
General Manager

A major asset to the business, Rachel is a key member of our leadership team who is always in door open mode for all members of staff who she regular meets and motivates on a daily basis.

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Trevor Reid
IT Manager

Trevor Reid has been with CallPageboy Call Centre since 2011. As an IT Manager, Trevor has overall responsibility for our resilient IT infrastructure. Using our best in class Technology, Trevor and his team has excelled our expectations over the years and is a major contributor and key player in the roll out of our company strategic IT plans.

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Michelle O’Donnell
HR & Training Manager

Michelle has been with CallPageboy Call Centre since 2011 and is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. As a HR & Training Manager, Michelle works closely with our customers to ensure that their service expectations are exceeded on an ongoing basis, and that the critical understanding, that, we have been entrusted with – representing our customers brand in the provision of our services, is distilled in the minds of all staff involved in service delivery on an ongoing basis.

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Nicky Lynch
Call Centre Supervisor

Nicky has been with CallPageboy Call Centre since 2009 and plays a key operational role in our call centre.

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