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Managing Communication across a Large Property Portfolio

This article about property portfolio was originally posted on by Gemma Harding on June 15th, 2017.

Since 2010 the percentage of landlords owning more than one property has increased from 17% to 30%. While a growing portfolio is always a good sign. As a portfolio gets larger you need to put more processes in place to help manage it.

Everything from viewings and arranging maintenance and upkeep, to providing proper support for your tenants must be kept on top of to ensure you’re maximising your investments, and to prevent you from becoming in breach of contract to the bank, your insurance or your tenants.

As your portfolio expands, or if you’re already a group with a large number of portfolios. Outsourcing certain aspects of your administrative processes can help to ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency.

Call Answering To Manage Your Diary or Property Portfolio

As you become busier it will become increasingly important to manage your diary effectively. People will typically look for new properties outside of work, which means you need to be able to take their calls and arrange appointments outside of the standard office hours. This can be managed in a variety of way from appointment booking and diary management software to having a phone line that operates outside of office hours… Read more.

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