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How Millennials are Redefining Customer Service

Recognised as the digital-savvy generation, millennials are categorised as individuals who were born between the early 1980’s and mid 1990’s. They are a generation of hyper-connected, tech-savvy and busy multitaskers who seek convenience from the brands they interact with. They see themselves as self-expressive individuals who can influence fellow millennial purchasing behaviours by sharing their personal experiences. Statistics show that as high a number as 40% of Millennials refer to online reviews and testimonials before purchasing a product.

Millennials are important to businesses because millennials have the most spending power. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to adapt to this generation’s preferences. In order to stay relevant and maintain their position in the market. And the biggest shift in preferences that companies have seen and will continue to see over the years is in the customer service arena as millennial expectations appear to be quite different than those of generations past.

Companies must realise that they need to adapt and become the business millennials want to interact with and purchase from. They need to become more flexible, and provide a more personal, seamless and responsive omni-channel customer experience. In order to please this powerhouse of a generation. In order to get a better understanding of how to please this age cohort, one must be aware of their expectations. Also, how they are redefining customer service:

Self-Service Generation

Having grown up well and truly into the Information Age, and during a time when advancements to the internet and technology were progressing, millennials have been used to having access to easily available information. As a result they tend to have a “Self-Service” approach to customer service. Hunting information and searching FAQ’s and online communities before contacting a company directly. Therefore, companies should show they respect the opinions of millennials and have as much product/service and company information as possible directly on their websites in order to reduce the need for customers to contact them directly. This in turn will benefit the company, as their agents will have more time to deal with the complex  customer service issues.

Millennials Prefer Personalisation

In comparison to previous generations, millennials are more trusting and willing to share their personal information. In order to have a more personalised customer experience. Relevance is very important to millennials. When they contact your customer support, they expect you to know their service history. Also, provide a customer service experience that it not generic, but relevant to them. For a business, this means ensuring you have an intelligent CRM system updated with customer details. You can impress millennials with your knowledge of their needs.

You Should Have Brand Engagement on Social Media

As social media is second nature to millennials,  they expect brands to have a presence across all social platforms. According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report, about 47% of millennials have previously used social media to voice their opinions about a negative brand experience. Companies need to recognise that social media is a customer service platform and utilise it to respond to their unhappy customers. In order to maintain customer satisfaction levels and keep their brand image intact.

Fast Response Times are Crucial

Millennials want fast responses when they reach out to customer service. Time is of the essence for this generation who are always on the go, they don’t like to waste time. In a call or live chat queue waiting to speak to a customer service representative. Similarly if they reach out to you on social media, they expect you to respond in a fast nature. In addition recent research suggests that no single KPI has a bigger impact on customer satisfaction than first-call resolution. Millennials do not want to be transferred to another agent while talking to customer service because it takes up more valuable time.

As a result, companies need to have adequate staff working. This to ensure they can answer all customer queries in an efficient manner. Segmentation of the different customer service topics and queries should be in place to ensure that a customer is connected to an agent who is trained and knowledgeable in the field of the query, reducing the need to be transferred.

Omni-Channel Support is Imperative

Millennials tend to prefer alternative forms of contact over phone calls.  As mentioned above, social media is a huge part of their daily lives, along with messaging apps. They show preference to forms of customer service that are instant and mobile, allowing them to respond quickly wherever they may be. Therefore it’s important to make sure your business offers a consistent and seamless customer support service across all devices.

Call Pageboy Contact Centre understands the importance of providing high quality, omni-channel customer service. We offer a range of customer support services. These help businesses in their goal of providing a seamless, hassle free customer experience journey. If you would like to know more about the services that we offer, and how we can help your business, get in contact with us today.

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