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How Mobile Phones are Going to Rule the Customer Care Industry

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In the past, customer care was accomplished by a simple phone call made by consumers to organisations asking for help about specific products and services. Today, the customer service industry has brought us something larger and far more complicated. As customer service is not just only about service but about experience. Currently, customers comes into contact with businesses via mobile phones. However, that they use to buy products, schedule services, communicate inquiries, and register complaints among others. Through mobile phones, the entire online world can receive information. Information about those products and services via texts, emails, tweets, and picture posts. The fact is the age of the mobile phone is here. It is going to rule the customer care industry with an iron fist. Here are 3 current examples how mobile phones are currently running the customer care industry.

1. Social Media Support

As most people today use social media to broadcast complaints, issues, and other comments about certain products and services, most organizations have a social media customer service support system. This emerging branch of customer service has an obligation to monitor all popular social media sites. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and check for any issues posted by people concerning their products or services. When they find an issue, they immediately engage in providing proper social media customer service by engaging in conversation with the individuals. They interact immediately and provide valuable information that may provide better service. In addition, many companies today even go the extra mile by giving unsatisfied consumers discounts and freebies on their next purchase or visit.

2. Customer Tracking

Providing excellent customer care for any organisation relies heavily on their ability to dictate customer experience. Dictating excellent customer experience today is all about providing customer care that utilises the right technology mixed with human interaction. In the U.S alone, more than half of adults own smart phones and a large percentage of this number use their devices to conduct many essential activities in their daily lives. To take advantage of how many people are using their phones, many companies are using a new technology known as Customer Tracking that has the ability to track consumers via their smartphones. This technology uses data collection to track and personalise customer experience. An example of an organisation using this technology is that keeps track of what their customers buy and even gives automatic updates on new promos and deals. Additionally this technology will aid customers whenever they visit a particular store.

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