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Omni-Channel Customer Service

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What is omni-channel customer service?

Omni-channel customer service integrates text, social, email and instant messaging to provide a unified brand experience so that customer can switch between multiple channels yet still experience quality of service.

Omni-channel customer support gives you the opportunity to serve your clients in a variety of ways that are not only convenient and effective, but boost your brand’s image and credibility.

And when you look at stats like Accenture’s finding that 89% of consumers experience frustration at having to repeat their questions to multiple customer service reps, you see the value in perfecting omni-channel integration.

Omni-channel customer service best practices

In this blog post, we share 7 best practice tips for building an excellent omni-channel service strategy.

Let’s dive right in!

1. People expect good mobile services

It’s no secret that mobile is huge.

More people are searching on mobile and buying on mobile. Therefore, it only makes sense that they’re also seeking customer service support on their mobiles.

Unfortunately, businesses aren’t keeping up with customer expectations of their mobile engagement. 90% of customers say their customer service experience on mobile was negative. And the same study found that 52% of customers say that a poor mobile experience makes them less inclined to do business with a company.

The top complaint of customers searching for customer service on a mobile site is “incorrect display/difficult to navigate”. Slow loading times also frustrate customers looking for information.

This means businesses that haven’t optimised their websites for mobile use are losing out to companies who have.

Bottom line: make sure your customer service and support pages are mobile-friendly.

2. Improve your social media response times

Social media can be a great customer service tool, resulting in high customer satisfaction rates. However, many brands fail to understand customer’s expectations when it comes to providing customer service through social listening.

There’s a gap between when customers expect an answer after initiating contact and when businesses are actually responding. 32% of clients want an answer within 30 minutes and 57% of these clients expect the same turnaround on nights and weekends.

But the average response time for leading businesses is 157 minutes. The percentage of businesses who respond within the expected 30 minutes time frame is only 8%. And a full 12% of businesses …

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