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Omni-channel support: Why your customers deserve it

Long gone are the days when customer support was solely conducted over the phone or via fax. The nature of the customer support service industry has changed dramatically and omni-channel support is the reason why.

Your company needs customer support services. This is because they change the face of communication. Changing communication improves customer satisfaction levels and brand loyalty.

Omni-channel support provides a seamless customer support experience across an endless list of channels. Such as email or live chat while also giving a high quality of service. Beginning a conversation on one channel and transitioning that same conversation to another has become the norm. Failing to provide a consistent level of customer service across your communication channels can put your business at risk of losing valuable customers.

There are many advantages to adopting an omni-channel approach to customer support for your customers:

  • Customer support on the go: 
    • With the majority of individuals using mobile devices as their preferred method of communication, providing a mobile friendly customer support service via your touch points. This ensures that your customers will enjoy a seamless brand experience from the palm of their hand.
  • Reduces customer frustration: 
    • Social media and live chat have become the go to places for getting in touch with a company. By making sure that your customers receive quality customer support and quick response times on these channels that can reduce customer churn and drive customer loyalty. You can avoid customer frustration because you use a omnichannel service.
  • Consistent customer knowledge: 
    • Omni-channel support technology gives businesses the ability to gain access to a full history of a customer’s interactions. With the company and also provides insight into a customer’s communication preference. Having access to this knowledge ensures that your customers are provided with support. Especially on the correct channels leading to maintained levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Personalised customer communication: 
    • It is no surprise that communication methods such as SMS or instant messaging have become more widely preferred. However, there are certain instances where over the phone support may be more beneficial. Giving your customers the ability to choose the means by which they contact you ensures a consistent level of customer support at all times.

Call Pageboy ensures that your business provides a seamless omni-channel support service to your customers by delivering and managing consistent customer service experiences across a number of communication channels such as web chat, SMS text and email. If you are interested in finding out more about the range of call centre services we provide, get in touch with us today.

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