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Omnichannel For Healthcare : Mapping Patient Experience with Technology

This article about omnichannel services in healthcare was originally posted by Kamna Datt on on January 12th, 2018.

Traditionally, the competition between hospitals and health organisations primarily depended upon quality of service. Speciality of the treatment and the price attached to care. But today, there is a wave of change. While high quality health service is still a primary concern. Patients walking through the hospital door equally care about the overall experience they encounter throughout their stay at the facility.

From how they are greeted at the helpdesk, to wait time at the OPD, to in-patient care and experience, every nuance matter. In fact, studies have concluded that “patient experience” should be seen as one of the integral pillars of quality in healthcare. Positive patient experience is also linked to improved clinical outcomes. Given the impact of experience in the overall journey of a patient’s association with the hospital, health care providers can no longer dismiss experience as a mere subjective or mood-oriented matter.

Thankfully, technological advancements is enabling health enterprises leverage patient experience in the most comfortable way. The incorporation of Omnichannel CX healthcare solutions and deployment of IoT is putting health care providers in a better position to deliver the best health care facilities to patients and their caregivers.

What is the meaning of Omnichannel Customer Experience Solution?

Mapping patient experience with technology calls for the integration of omnichannel solution. Today, service providers across domains have no control over the choice of communication channel. Customers can communicate with their service providers via email, text, social media, web and mobile phone. However, most often than not, these channel exist in silos causing operational challenges.

For instance, a patient inquires about the impending radiology report by leaving a query on social media page of the provider instead of using the conventional channel of calling the help desk. In the absence of omnichannel customer experience solution, such queries or request may be ignored. Delayed response or query handling, especially when it comes to health care can certainly dampen “patient experience”.

Omnichannel contact solution offers features that every modern health care facility need. To understand the use case of these features, let’s identity the challenges of the current health care delivery system and how omnichannel solution addresses them…Read more.

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