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Omnichannel Service: Are We There Yet?

This article about omnichannel services was originally posted on by Sandy Mandair on June 7th, 2017.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term ‘omnichannel experience’. Many leaders have added this buzzy term to their business vernacular. But few have actually applied it to the customer experience. Market forces and customer expectations, however, are forcing business leaders to put their words into action and provide a true omnichannel experience. As these changes get underway, we’ll look at the ways in which omnichannel trends are transforming customer service. Also what to expect next.

Which channels should be included in the omnichannel experience? The answer should be any channel through which your customer wants to interact with you. Instead of scrambling to provide every means of contact possible, savvy organisations focus on the channels that their customers use most often to contact their business. Consider whether customers are asking for an additional means of communication, as well as the demographics of your customer base and the mediums they could use to connect to you. If you have a mobile app, you’ll want chat and SMS. If the customer traffic to your website is high, then proactive chat and journey management can reduce phone calls to your care organisations. Think about which interaction types are simple enough to include and find ways to put them in digital channels.

Context, context, context

Some channels are better suited for certain customer issues than others. Context matters. Explaining the details of a billing error over… Read more. 

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