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Central to CallPageboy’s growth strategy is our continued investment in call centre technology & software. Each year we visit trade shows where we purchase new equipment and the latest software that allows us to provide a seamless 24/7/365 call centre and disaster recovery service.


Our Software

For our call centre Telephony we use CIC 4.0 by Interactive Intelligence. Our agent call scripting software – Callscripter, is the most popular product in its class and we also have system integration with SAP, Salesforce and LinkedIn. This helps us guarantee a consistent and professional experience for your customer. Processes are important to us and to assist us with this, we are ISO 9001:2008 Accredited, and each year we are externally audited by Certification Europe.
Extending the benefits of our technology with our clients, helps them offer world class call centre services with no overhead investments.
We have an infinite number of inbound and outbound call lines as well as bandwidth which provides capacity to offer:

  • Multiple Congruent Campaigns
  • Self Service (IVR) Systems
  • Call Recording
  • Outbound Dialer Solutions
  • TPV / order confirmation by phone
  • Data Capture , Database Management
  • Card Payment Facility
  • Seamless switchboard Re Routing
  • Multiple Line Patching
  • VOIP enablement

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