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Pharmacovigilance Training

CallPageboy Call Centre provides service to 12+ Healthcare / Pharmaceutical organisations. As part of this service it is vitally important that our staff have a full understanding of the serious nature of these calls we handle on their behalf.

In April of this year, after successfully demonstrating our experience with Pharmacovigilance type services, we were successful in being chosen as the preferred service provider to a very well- known pharmaceutical company. During our presentation we outlined our processes with

  • Data Protection
  • Agent Training
  • Quality Management System
  • Our Resilient IT Infrastructure
  • Our flexibility to scale up or down
  • Our experience in dealing with medical emergencies

Utilising our In House Training Room and facilities, our client came to us to carry out a “ Train the Trainer” course with our front line team and training staff. From this we were able to roll out this programme across all staff involved in this type of service provision.

“ After visiting CallPageboy Call Centre to see their operation in a live environment it was easy to see that they were a service provider we could trust and be a strategic partner going forward. Their agents and management team truly appreciatedand understand the nature of the calls they would be handling on our behalf, and we were rest assured by being able to speak with some of their current pharmaceutical clients “

Richard Lacey


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