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Point of Contact – Meaning and Advantages

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Point of Contact: Meaning, Types, Examples, and Advantages

Point of Contact is the individual representing a business entity or an organization for a particular task and who handles the communication and co ordination. It can also be a specific department that acts as a coordinating point in terms of an activity or a project.

It’s is mainly used in circumstances where the situation demands accuracy and exact timing in all its dealings.


Point of contact is considered the focal point that collects necessary information and data and distributes it accordingly. He is an important part of your organization that acts as its frontal face. Potential customers contact this individual to gain and share their information.

He is a representative who has been hired to serve a key role in the company. He maintains a balanced and cordial relationship with the customers who wish to deal with the company.

All the interactions that are conducted between a probable client or customer and the point of contact cement the future relationship one step further. The point of contact serves as a bridge between the organization and the interested clients and customers.

This focal point helps the brand to gain better visibility in the market and increase brand awareness in the mindset of the consumers.

Types and their duties

It can be a single person or a team that handles requests for a company, project, service, department, location, event, or a business function. It has various duties, but the most important one is to maintain a healthy relationship with its customers.

  • Customer service is an important area for a business entity. It hires and keeps a point of contact that is part of a team that will offer necessary help to its customers via several communication channels like face-to-face talks, messages and mobile app, emails, company website, and telephone. All the requirements in terms of complaints, shipping inquiries, and order inquiries and are handled through this team.
  • Sometimes the organisation maintains a separate customer service department to handle their customers. This is their focal point that helps the customers to sort out their problems effectively.
  • Sales People can be point of contact for many companies. They are one of the first point of contact a new lead comes across.
  • Sometimes the point of contact is just a phone number or a website that is handled by a team to solve security concerns, administrative requests, inquiries, and other problems.
  • The manager who is in charge of a project also acts as a point of contact and answers queries related to the project to the related people.
  • The company sets up a service desk to handle inquiries from attendees and vendors.

Advantages and examples 

The advantages of maintaining…

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