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Realistic Customer Service Trends

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Customer Service Trends

The transition from 2019 to 2020 also concludes a decade marked by disruption , especially in technology. We saw a sea change in the way businesses communicate with their customers and it’s going to extend well into the 2020s.

The 2010s were a decade full of grand ideas, but also one of humbling realisations. We sift out trends that have started to materialise and explain how they impact your business.

Let’s peek into how the new decade kicks off for customer service.

Omni-messenger support

Ever since omnichannel came up, its premise was to cater to the preferences of every single customer. We argued that this only works if all channels are well-integrated and easily accessible. Also, we were certain that it will be consumers, not businesses, that define those channels.

Sure enough, the playing field has shifted in favor of the channel with the largest following: messaging apps. The biggest apps account for a combined total of over 5 billion users worldwide . So it’s safe to say that messaging is winning out over all competing channels. That’s not counting SMS, the messaging archetype.

Sure, there’s email. But messaging already contains and exceeds the benefits of its biggest competitor in B2C communication. What’s more, they’re also the standard for text-based private communication across several generations.

On a related note, we also think that there’ll be a shift toward privacy-conscious apps, irrespective of who makes that shift – users or app makers.

Data privacy-focused messengers are in the mix already. But today, the GDPR is prevailing law in the EU and the de-facto international standard to which companies outside of the EU aspire. The topic will only get more exposure.

To get you ready for omni-messenger support in 2020, here’s our overview of the best messaging apps for customer service .

Chatbots get on the slope of enlightenment

The chatbot hype peaked in 2017 and was followed by a phase of disillusionment (and some relief). Everybody realised that the digital helpers won’t be able to take over entire customer service departments just yet.

The delusional capabilities chatbots were often imputed with slowly but surely receded. Even the most concerned future skeptics now believe that chatbots won’t make conversation like humans anytime soon. This new objectivity sharpens the bots’ actual job profile in customer service.

The article goes on to include;

  • Natural language processing matures

  • Service becomes part of the product experience

  • B2B customer service levels up

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