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Database Cleansing

Maintaining an accurate database of your business critical information is as important as the data itself. CallPageboy offers efficient data scrubbing services to ensure that your databases are foolproof, by maintaining and updating records of your customers, partners, competition or any other information your business has stored in a database.

Database cleansing involves removing data that is irrelevant, or even duplicated. Often times, customers may enter incorrect email addresses and therefore the emails you are sending out aren’t reaching the right person. If these errors can be cross checked and fixed, you can reach your customer and establish a connection with them at a reduced cost.

It is also important that you are making a great effort in addressing your customers properly,with thoughtfulness. Database cleansing includes gender addition and correction as well as correcting the conversion of upper and lower case names. Simple efforts like making sure your database cleansing techniques are fixing misspelled names, or identifying your customer’s gender correctly can go a very long way.

We constantly make the effort to establish the best possible relationship with your customers and engage with them. Database cleansing is a small tool that plays into achieving successful, meaningful customer relationships.

Our services includes:

  • Correction of addresses
  • Remove data duplicates
  • Conversion of upper/lower case names
  • Gender addition/correction
  • Data integrity audits

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