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The Advantages of Using an Outsourced Telemarketing Service

Telemarketing can be a very effective tool for businesses of all sizes for lead generation and improving satisfaction among existing customers. The reputation of the service has gathered negative feedback in the past due to misuse. However, when used appropriately it can help a business build a personalised rapport with their customers.

Using an outsourced telemarketing service as part of your sales and marketing strategy can have multiple benefits for your business in terms of reaching more customers and reducing company overheads. This allows a business to focus on their core daily activities, stay productive and competitive. While in the safe knowledge that an outsourced team is looking after their customers.

Advantages of Telemarketing Service

  • Cost-effective: 
    • In house telemarketing can prove to be costly for companies to maintain. Due to the required utilities, staff, equipment and facilities needed. Outsourcing this service to a dedicated telemarketing provider can help businesses avoid unnecessary company overheads.
  • Personalised customer service: 
    • Providing customers with a personalised telesales service gives businesses the opportunity to connect with their customers and learn more about their needs. By identifying their opinions and thoughts on services and products, it can give businesses an immediate insight into customers satisfaction levels.
  • Brand awareness: 
    • When generating leads, telemarketing can be effective for building brand awareness. Whether you speak with a potential customer one-to-one or just leave a voice mail, by reaching out to prospective customers. This ensures that your brand is being heard by a new target audience. This makes it easier for a potential customer to recognise your brand name. Especially, through campaigns from other channels such as social media.
  • Measurable results: 
    • Telemarketing campaign results can be analysed and measured. In order to give a business a detailed insight into how successful a campaign has been. This is highly advantageous especially as it allows you to gather which telemarketing methods are most effective with customers.

Call Pageboy work alongside both small and large companies in order to help them grow their sales through telemarketing and call management services. Our mission is to fully understand your company and its customers in order to provide them with high quality customer service and support. We help you reach existing and potential customers through telemarketing tools such as telesales, email and SMS channels.

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